"We don't have to be limited."

Priscilla Hedlin Lilly Pulitzer Ad
Credit: Instagram/wheelchairmommy; Facebook/Lilly Pulitzer

With all the buzz surrounding Lilly Pulitzer's return to Target, you might have missed the most exciting aspect of the relaunch.

In the far-right of the first ad for the collection, next to the flamingoes, the giraffe, the long-legged women, and giggling young girls, you'll notice a smiling blonde. A beautiful blonde in a Lilly Pulitzer ad isn't exactly noteworthy—but this one is in a wheelchair.

KVUE spoke with Priscilla Hedlin, the fashion and lifestyle blogger, and substitute teacher who can now add "ground-breaker" to her extensive resume. The mother of three from Pflugerville, Texas, runs two blogs, Stylish Gimp and Wheelchair Mommy, along an Instagram account featuring her fashionable everyday wear.

Hedlin told the station that a representative from Target and Lilly Pulitzer reached out to her after coming across one of her old blog posts expressing her love for Lily Pulitzer. They were looking for "real women to represent the brand for the 20th-anniversary collaboration," and thought that Hedlin would be perfect.

On September 14, Target is bringing back select pieces from its original 2015 Lilly Pulitzer x Target collab as part of its limited-edition collection celebrating 20 years of designer partnerships. Coincidentally, it will also be the 20th anniversary of the car accident that left Hedlin paralyzed from the waist down just a few months after her high school graduation.

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Hedlin told KVUE that she finds it "incredibly special" to be able to take part in this campaign, because fashion has always been an important part of her life.

"As a woman who uses a wheelchair to navigate life, I find it extremely important for people to see me for me and dressing in beautiful clothes is an easy way to express myself," she said. "I love sharing my daily outfits so other women who use wheelchairs can see that we do have options… we don't have to be limited."