For military members and families in Fort Hood, Life Moves Yoga is helping to heal wounds — inside and out.

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Credit: Courtesy Life Moves Yoga

Killeen, Texas is home to one of the largest military bases in the world — Fort Hood. You may be surprised to learn it's also home to a blossoming yoga movement, empowering our nation's military service members and their families to restore themselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Recently selected as one of Reader's Digest's Nicest Places in America, Life Moves Yoga serves as a community hub in Killeen, providing a variety of classes to soldiers and locals, along with a free weekly class called "Warriors at Ease."

Life Moves Yoga
Credit: Courtesy Life Moves Yoga

"I've found yoga to be relaxing, but it also gives me an opportunity to think and put life in a balanced perspective," Army Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk II explained in the Reader's Digest article. "It's a good practice for soldiers and families for that reason: It gives us time to slow down and get in tune with our environments while also building strength and endurance."

Paul's wife, Beth Funk, the owner of Life Moves Yoga, which opened across the street from the fort in 2017, believes strongly in the work that they do. "I want to spend time and energy bringing the healing power of yoga to our heroes and their families," Funk said in a Good Morning America interview. With her daughter Amanda teaching classes at the sudio, it's truly a family affair.

Life Moves Yoga is an affiliate studio to the Warriors at Ease non-profit, whose mission statement is "to increase awareness about the power of yoga and meditation and educate a network of professionals qualified to share evidence-based practices through programs that support the health and healing of service members, veterans and their families."

Their certificate program helps train teachers to the unique needs of military members and their families such as trauma-sensitive breathing and working with those who have physical and brain injuries and/or PTSD. The organization has 950+ teachers throughout the country and you can search their network for a teacher in your area here.

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"I've learned how to breathe on purpose," military wife and yogi Candace Jackson told GMA of the impact Life Moves Yoga has had on her. "I didn't realize my breath was not complete and I was holding it here in my chest...Especially being a military spouse, three kids, husband constantly deploying in the field ... You're used to holding your breath and you don't even realize it because that is how you've defined your new norm." Clearly, the studio is an important retreat for so many in this central Texas town, and if there is ever a reason for us to dust off our yoga pants and get our flow on, being part of this incredible community would take the cake.

You can read more about Life Moves Yoga and their services here. To learn more about Warriors at Ease or make a donation, visit this site.