It's budget friendly and here just in time for Easter

By Rebecca Angel Baer
March 23, 2018
Little Girl Baking in Kitchen
Credit: Lidl

European grocer Lidl is slowly spreading its fabulous finds at budget friendly prices across the country with several stores and growing right here in the South.

Currently branches of the high end, low cost supermarket can be found in the Carolinas, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, coming soon, Alabama.

Lidl has been compared to Trader Joe's as it carries some unique and high quality items at very reasonable prices. Beyond the basics, Lidl was recently awarded several accolades for its wine selection, most of which will only cost you a tenner.

But this Sunday, March 25th, Lidl will be expanding its repertoire with a spring baking line. Items in the collection start at just $1.99 and include a variety of items from spring form pans to portable cake carriers and even an adorable pink hand mixer that retails at just $16.99.

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Our favorite part of the collection would also amp up your Easter dessert spread. These silicon baking molds come in either cupcake, mini Bundt cake, or mini tart form and the pastel color palate means you can just pull them out of the oven and add them to your table.

lidl cupcake liners
Credit: Lidl

The gorgeous colors are aching to be displayed. And at just $2.99 a pack, grab one of each! We think a batch of Hummingbird Cupcakes in these liners will be the stars of the show at Easter brunch.