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If You Love Trader Joe's, Get Excited for Lidl
Credit: © Martin Divisek/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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According to Decatur mayor Tab Bowling, Alabama is getting its very first Lidl store in the Morgan County city. The forthcoming location of the German discount grocery chain is slated to move in at the corner of Beltline Road and Glenn Street, which means "new opportunities for Hwy 20 and Calvary Assembly!" Bowling touted. "The ripple effect is tremendous for Decatur."

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Lidl (pronounced leedle) first entered the U.S. market in June when it announced its plans to open a total of 20 stores in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina by the end of this summer, and at least 100 stores across the East Coast by summer 2018. Though it's often compared to Aldi in the UK, Business Insider reports that Lidl's U.S. stores will more closely resemble Trader Joe's or Harris Teeter, and promise to sell high-end brands and locally-sourced foods for low prices.