Who knew ice cream could be so controversial? 

Biting Ice Cream
Credit: agil73/Getty Images

From the right way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the merits of top sheets, we've watched some of the Internet's most iconic debates play out on Twitter.

The most recent question to rile up users of the popular social media site comes courtesy of @kissyydior, who asked her followers, "Do you bite or lick your ice cream?"

The polarizing tweet (below) includes a photo of a chocolate ice cream cone with large bite—complete with impressive teeth marks—taken out of the cold scoop of ice cream.

Naturally, people had feelings, and thousands rushed to share their thoughts on digging their teeth into the frosty treat. In fact, many expressed their horror at the thought of biting into a scoop of ice cream.

"My sensitive teeth just cringed when looking @ this" one user wrote.

"I do NOT trust people who bite their ice cream," another chimed in. "Not one bit."

While they were in the minority, some people did admit to being ice cream biters. Some even revealed that they lick and bite their ice cream.

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To each their own, but we'll be licking our ice cream this summer.