"It was like she was grieving."

The drama that's been unfolding 110 feet above Washington D.C. has taken an upsetting turn. Not long after the country was rocked by the news that Liberty and Justice, a bald eagle couple that resided in an oak tree at the Metropolitan Police Academy for 14 years, mysteriously called it quits, today The Washington Post is reporting that their two eggs will not hatch this spring.

"They're not viable," Tommy Lawrence from the Earth Conservation Corps, the organization that runs a popular live-stream of the former couple's nest, told the Post. "We're not going to get any eaglets this year."

Whispers of infidelity, a flock of eager suitors, and the knowledge that Justice (who hasn't been seen in two weeks) could be dead or even injured, appears to have been too much for poor Liberty to take. Experts say the stress of it all appears to have driven her to abandon her nest and the eggs within.

On Thursday night, Liberty was seen with another unidentified eagle sitting near the nest. Lawrence told the Post that she was perched on a branch next to the nest all night long.

"It was like she was grieving," he said.

Liberty hasn't been seen since Friday morning. Unfortunately, without incubation, the two eggs she laid earlier this month will not hatch.

In the absence of the nation's feathered First Couple, a new bald eagle pair has been spotted scoping out their abandoned nest.

"The outcome right now is if Liberty is gone from the area due to the stress, then a new couple could overtake the nest and claim it," Lawrence said.

Eagle experts told the Post that a new bald eagle couple could either push Liberty and Justice's eggs out of the nest or simply make a new nest on top of them.

While it is possible that Liberty could come back, Lawrence said it's more likely that she's off "enjoying some free time" and feeding.