Texas Mom Writes Letters from Santa for Frontline Parents Forced to Move Christmas

The letters explain to kids that they’re not missing out on anything by celebrating on a different day.

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Stephanie Davisson knows all too well that Christmas doesn't fall on December 25th for every family.

The Texas mom of two was inspired to write her first "Elf-approved" letter from Santa Claus in 2018. Her husband, who serves in the Army, had to work on Christmas Day, meaning the family would be celebrating on the 24th.

Moving Christmas can be a tricky thing, so Davisson decided to come up with template letters from Santa that explain to kids like hers that they're not missing out on anything, they're just doing it a different day.

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The letters—for military members, first responders, pilots, and airline workers—were a huge hit online, and Davisson has since helped thousands of families navigate their alternative celebrations.

So, this year, with the coronavirus pandemic raging, Davisson has expanded her free templates to include "hospital heroes" who may be working on Christmas Day. She also linked to a "Christmas Help" letter that requests toy donations from kids.

"This year, when I updated for 2020, 'hospital heroes' just felt like the perfect title, given the year we've had and the sacrifices made by medical staff across the country—and world," Davisson told radio station KISS 95.1 FM. "It's nice to know we've been able to bring a little cheer to families, especially this year when so much has kept us apart."

Thanks, Stephanie!

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