Kaitlyn, wherever you are, we hope you get your Christmas

By Meghan Overdeep
November 30, 2018
Adam Hester/Getty Images

A Tennessee woman is on a quest to locate a young girl known only as Kaitlyn, who dropped a heart-wrenching letter to Santa in a Christmas mailbox for children at a Lowe's in Franklin, North Carolina.

Written in green and blue crayon on a piece of white paper, the girl outlined her single wish: "Some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE."

Shelly Thomas, who works as an associate manager at the store, shared a photo of the letter on Facebook. In doing so, she told WLOS that she hopes it will help locate the little girl, who she believes was visiting from Florida.

In just three days, the post has already received hundreds of shares.

"Hopefully, [the letter going viral will] get a little bit of interest in some folks getting tested and show how important it really is," Thomas told WLOS.

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The mysterious letter has had quite the impact on the local community as well. "It just makes me want to cry that kids ask for so much these days and you have a kid that all they want is a kidney for their brother," one Lowe's shopper told WLOS.

Kaitlyn, wherever you are, we hope you get your Christmas wish.