The hit Netflix show will end with the fifth installment of the series.
Princess Margaret
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If you're anything like us, googling "What is the release date for The Crown season 4?" has fast become a monthly tradition. But while we're still eagerly awaiting the premiere date for the Netflix series' fourth season, we're pleased to report we learned some exciting new casting info about the fifth and final season.

In a recent social media post, The Crown's team announced that Lesley Manville will take on the role of Princess Margaret in the fifth season of the show. The British star has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the 2017 historical drama, Phantom Thread and won the 2014 Olivier Award for Best Actress (The Laurence Olivier Awards are presented annually by the Society of London Theatre to recognize outstanding theatrical work) for her leading role as Helene Alving in the 2013 remake of Ghosts, among many other accolades.

In an interview with Deadline regarding her appointment to the role, Manville expressed her adoration of the series. “It’s mind-blowing television,” she said, sharing that she has been a fan of the show since she became glued to the screen while streaming it in her free time while filming another project in Ireland a few years ago.

When approached by The Crown's creator Peter Morgan to take on the role of Princess Margaret, she was thrilled by the opportunity to join the cast. “There was never any doubt that I would say yes. When they said ‘Margaret,’ I hadn’t really thought about it. Then I thought, yes Margaret! That’s fabulous because she was so avant-garde. So naughty, delightful and funny. What a wonderful woman to play," she told the entertainment news outlet.

Since it's likely the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the release date of season 4 of The Crown, we'll be tiding ourselves over with these amazing British shows and movies to stream. (And we'll be popping over to Hulu to watch the show below!)

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Are you a big fan of The Crown? What has been your favorite season so far? We've got some high hopes for the upcoming seasons. We may be Southerners, but we certainly have a big-time love for Britain's first family.