LEGO to Sell Kit Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night"

The fan-submitted idea came from 25-year-old PhD student, Truman Cheng.

Art enthusiast? LEGO superfan? Simply got a bored kid on your hand? Well, we've got exciting news on the horizon.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
VCG Wilson/Corbis via Getty Images

As we learned from artnet, Vincent van Gogh's celebrated 1889 painting, "The Starry Night," is slated to become a LEGO kit. On the LEGO IDEAS website, fans can submit their concepts for potential LEGO sets, and Truman Cheng, a 25-year-old PhD student from Hong Kong and LEGO aficionado, did just that for the famed impressionist painting. Once a product idea receives 10,000 votes, it enters "an official review process and can potentially be chosen by the Danish company to be produced as a commercial set, with the original designer earning one percent of royalties," writes Sarah Cascone in the artnet piece. Happily, Cheng's idea hit that impressive threshold, and as he recently shared on social media, it's officially on LEGO's production pipeline.

In Cheng's proposal, he wrote that the kit would strive to replicate van Gogh's signature brushstrokes, and it sounds like it would be quite the set: "Clips and brackets form the swirling cloud; plates stack to form the hillsides and bushes; curve parts build up to become the cypress tree," he outlined in his project porosal. "My favorite part is the inclined plate stack on the right, capturing the angled brush strokes within the moon-lit cloud," he continued. Cheng also suggested the kit comes with a van Gogh LEGO minifigure, paint brush, painting palette, easel, and a mini-painting on printed tile of "The Starry Night."

All this talk about van Gogh sure does have us craving an art fix. How about taking a spin at any of these 12 famous museums with a virtual tour from the couch? Or, perhaps you're hoping to embrace your inner child and play with some LEGO sets on the living room floor. Either way, we'll be sure to look to see if this starry kit is available before holiday shopping next year for any LEGO enthusiast or budding artist in our lives.

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