Read This and You'll Never Want to Make Potato Salad Any Other Way

This surprising ingredient will transform your next batch of the summery delight.

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There are nearly endless ways to make potato salad. We can confirm that considering we mixed up about, oh, 73 different renditions last summer (hey, there were a lot of backyard barbecues). But we've now learned about a new addition that works in just about any recipe, and it's a complete game-changer.

No, we're not talkin' truffle oil or an obscure type of olive or a hot sauce that is hotter than hot. This nifty ingredient is probably already hanging out in your fridge: Pickle juice.

"When I make my smoked potato salad, I like adding not only the bread and butter pickles we make in house, but also a bit of the juice to thin the mayonnaise," explains Cory Chaney, chef of Julep's New Southern Cuisine in Richmond, Virginia in a recent Garden & Gun article on the heated topic of what to do with leftover pickle juice. "It gives it a nice sweet acidity to cut the smoky and rich flavors." While bread and butter pickles will lend your dish a touch of sweetness, feel free to experiment with dill pickle juice or any kind of pickles you like.

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Best of all, now that the pickle jar is already out, there's your excuse to whip up a round of dirty martinis. Can leftover truffle oil do that?

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