You're Storing Leftover Grits Completely Wrong

Hint: Never use tupperware.

Bowl of Grits
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If we could pick an edible Valentine this year, grits may very well nab the honor. Cheese grits, spiced pumpkin grits, and yes, we Southerners even love creamy brown sugar grits for dessert. Indeed, we've never met a bowl we'd pass up.

WATCH: How To Make the Perfect Pot of Grits

But as any grits chef de cuisine knows, cooking up a big batch often yields leftovers. Instead of making enough shrimp and grits to feed an army (trust us, you'll crave something new by the third dinner) or throwing the plain grits—that is, the cooked grits sans seasoning, cheese, or any other recipe components—in a Tupperware, consider this trick from food columnist Cathy Noell.

"[W]hen I have leftover grits I'll pour them into a tall cylinder-shaped glass which I spray with non-stick spray for easy removal. Then I wrap a piece of plastic wrap on top of the jar with a rubberband and place it in the refrigerator for a later use," Noell writes in North Carolina's Gaston Gazette. All these years and...why didn't we think of that?

"I got this technique from my mom when I was just learning how to cook. Of course, back in the day nothing was wasted and she used those leftover grits for all sorts of dishes. She would always slice them into little grit cakes and fry them in her cast-iron skillet on both sides and serve them with gravy, chili, or her slow-simmered smothered chicken," she continues. Chef Noell, we'll never look at a pot of grits the same way. (And we do hope our supper invitation is in the mail.)

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