Ditto for your Le Creuset Dutch Oven, and any other product in their cast iron line.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 12, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

For years, you've been fastidiously cleaning and caring for your Le Creuset cast iron skillet. Or maybe you're yet to own the coveted skillet, but it's half the reason you're getting married.

Well, we've got good news for owners and soon-to-be possessors of the cherished cast iron skillet and any other cast iron item from Le Creuset. The French company offers a lifteime warranty on its cast iron products. (Note: Other Le Creuset items differ in warranty terms so check here for the full scoop.)

Indeed, there are a few rules to keep in mind. "...[Y]ou are not allowed to intentionally damage your Le Creuset just because you want a new color!" as The Kitchn pointedly puts it in a recent article on the topic. "The warranty explicitly covers normal household use, and reminds you that you should follow its guidance for care and use of the product to avoid damaging it (for example, don't use knives to cut food inside the cookware, or operate a hand-held or battery-operated beater inside the cast iron cookware)." Also, if you got your cast iron beaut as a gift or bought it for yourself, you're covered, but those who bought it used aren't entitled to the warranty. For all the details, read the statement on the company's website.

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Bottom line: As long as you're taking good care of your cast iron Le Creuset, if it becomes damaged, you're getting a free replacement. Well, here's to many, many more years—ahem, a lifetime—of skillet salsa, cornbread, and brownies.