Lavender Sales Are Surging Amid Pandemic

We could all use a little help relaxing right about now.

COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the way that we shop. While sales of pants are down and pajama purchases soar, there's also been an unprecedented rush on lavender.

Yes, lavender.

According to a recent CNN report, lavender sales are surging among people seeking relief from stress and sleep deprivation during the pandemic.

Lavender growers in the U.S. and UK are reporting that sales on "sleep oil" have quadrupled as a growing number of customers seek new sources of comfort during these turbulent times.

Lavender field
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This isn't the first time in history that people have turned to lavender. The pretty purple plant has been used as a natural remedy for anxiety, insomnia, and various other ailments for centuries.

"When there was the Great Plague in London, doctors would have lavender stashed into the front of their face masks to help keep the stench of the plague away," Lorna Roberts, a family farmer at Castle Farm in the UK, told CNN. "It has been heralded for centuries for its antiseptic antibacterial uses," she added.

While there's no real scientific evidence to support its antibacterial properties, several studies show that using lavender oil for aromatherapy can improve sleep quality, including in people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Aromatherapy using lavender oil may also increase time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep.

It also smells nice.

At Red Oak Lavender Farm in Dahlonega, Georgia, you can see and smell about 2,000 lavender plants. Visit their website to shop their selection of aromatherapy products.

In Virginia, White Oak Lavender Farm in Harrisonburg sells a wide variety of aromatherapy products—from massage oils and aromatherapy diffusers to candles. Appointments to pick your own lavender are also available.

Sleep tight, y'all!

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