Pins are up 874%!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 18, 2018
Bottles of Nail Polish
Credit: lightkey/Getty Images

Some days, we go to the nail salon or drugstore nail polish section knowing exactly what shade we want to paint our fingers and toes. Other times, it feels a bit like a spin of the ole roulette wheel.

Well, if you need help settling your next mani-pedi debate, here's some fresh inspiration: Go for lavender. "Lavender is having a moment. From the runway into the home, lavender is everywhere. Right now, Pinterest is seeing lavender nail polish trending way up!" a recent Pinterest report reveals. "Saves for this nail color are up +874% from this time last year and continuing to spike."

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To zoom in on the exact shade of your dreams, check out this collection of pins on Pinterest. Want to test-drive a color before you commit? This neat app lets you give it a whirl before you fork over the change.