Nana knows best: "I'm a fried chicken expert, I've been eating chicken since I grew a's my favorite vegetable."
Lauren Alaina Singing
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You know you're in for a good time when it comes to hanging out with the hilarious and bubbly country star Lauren Alaina. Tomorrow, December 17, at 6 p.m. / 5 p.m. CST, you're in for all of that plus her grandma's fried chicken with the debut of the country singer's episode of CMT's digital series, Off the Road.

A riff on CMT's "On the Road" behind-the-scenes video series of country stars while they're on tour, "Off the Road" takes you inside the lives of country artists during the coronavirus pandemic. And Alaina's episode featuring plenty of her signature onesies doesn't disappoint: "Lauren has always been incredible at connecting with her fans, and sharing the most genuine versions of herself in whatever she does," shared Melissa Goldberg, CMT's Senior Director of Digital & Social in a press release. "We are excited to bring her authenticity and energy to this incredible new episode of Off The Road. We know the CMT audience will love this insider look at how Lauren's spending her extra time and get a kick out of meeting the family members who share her superstar personality."

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As Southerners, our hearts particularly swooned when Alaina FaceTimed her grandma for a little virtual cooking class. "I'm a fried chicken expert, I've been eating chicken since I grew a's my favorite vegetable," her nana cracks at one point, making us erupt into laughter. But in all seriousness, the meal — complete with biscuits, mashed potatoes, and green beans — looks like a big success. In advance of the episode's release, check out the exclusive clip of Alaina cooking with her nana below.

If you're curious, the recipe is pretty simple to make, with Alaina walking us through nana's signature recipe via email: Start by soaking six chicken breast fillets in enough buttermilk to cover them, then refrigerate them overnight or as long as desired day-of. Next, heat Crisco shortening in a pan big enough for all the breasts to about 350°F. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, mix self-rising flour with salt and pepper. Put all of the soaked chicken breasts into the mixing bowl at the same time and completely cover both sides with the flour mixture. Shake off the excess and put the fillets in your well-heated pan to fry until golden brown. My family is the actual definition of Southern Living. I love making recipes with my Nana. If you make her fried chicken, you won’t regret it!” Alaina adds of the dish.

In addition to the cooking tutorial with grandma, Alaina's episode also covers her big day at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a Christmas performance at the Opryland Hotel, and her love for the holiday season. Check out the sneak peek below.

Eager to tune in? Head to CMT's YouTube here to watch Alaina's full episode starting tomorrow starting at 6 p.m. /5 p.m CT.

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Well, there goes our plans for a healthy dinner. Thanks for the laughs and the culinary inspiration, Ms. Alaina.