Erin Napier and Laurel Mercantile Co. Debut 'Mama's House' Candle For Fall

It's "based on my actual mama’s house around the holidays," says Napier

If there's ever been a year for lots and lots of candles, it's been this one. Amidst a year of such chaos, there's something so nurturing and calming about lighting a scented candle and relaxing on the couch with a book or treating yourself to a bubble bath.

Now, we think we found just the candle for this period of turmoil: Laurel Mercantile Co.'s "Mama's House." Part of the new fall collection from Ben and Erin Napier's household goods store, this sounds like the scent of our dreams.

Fall Candles Laurel Mercantile Co.
Laurel Mercantile Co.

As Erin Napier, star of HGTV's Home Town, announced in a recent Instagram post, the new line of candles is now available to shop online at "I've been waiting so patiently for our NEW and classic fall candles to arrive and they're finally here!" she wrote. "Mama's House (based on my actual mama's house around the holidays), Fall Break (the smell of fall days in college), and Goodnight Irene (for those who love the smell of the top of a baby's head after a bath with the purple wash)."

Fall Candle 2 Laurel Mercantile Co.
Laurel Mercantile Co.

Even though fall is in full swing, we must admit we still enjoy Napier's spring and summer round of candle releases like "Porch Party," "Savannah," and "Pancake Day" (most are still available for purchase on the Laurel Mercantile Co. website) on the regular. This latest release is the only excuse we need to update our home's scent-scape for autumn. The pretty packaging just seals the deal.

You can shop all of Laurel Mercantile Co.'s candles ($12 to $36), including the new fall offerings here. You may want to scoop up a few extra for holiday gifts for the Home Town-ers in your life.

What's your favorite fall candle scent? Is there a specific one that just reminds me you of the season?

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