By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 05, 2019

Laura Bush was certainly onto something when she occasionally let daughters Jenna and Barbara stay home from school for the day as kids. Her reasoning? Simple. Sometimes youngsters need a break to reset and recharge and indulge in a day off from the regular weekday routine — just like adults.

As Jenna Bush Hager revealed in a recent TODAY show segment, the former First Lady granted Jenna and Barbara this privilege when the twin sisters were growing up. "You know one thing my mom did, which I hope to do at some point, is she would always give us — they were very strict about going to school — but we got one mental health day like a semester," said Bush Hager to co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

"She could see that we were exhausted or little kids just like done...whatever way. And she was like 'OK, we're gonna stay home...I'm going to take you to lunch and we're going to read together and we're going to have a day.' And it was just for mental health. And I think you kind of need that — even little kids," explains Bush Hager, who noted the tradition started in third or fourth grade and stopped by the time they got to high school (much to the girls' dismay).

Meanwhile, Bush Hager's daughters Mila, 5, and Poppy, 3, have proven to be quite the handful for their mom lately. Recently, the young sisters managed to pull off an epic prank on their babysitter involving locking her out of the bedroom and raiding Bush Hager's beauty stash. Perhaps JBH should give herself a well-deserved mental health day, too.