And the former First Lady brought the sweetest gift for the new homeowner.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
January 24, 2018
Credit: Instagram/ Laura Bush

It is the last season of HGTV's mega hit, Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines are pulling out all the stops. Fans of the show are being treated to some of the greatest home transformations yet and a flurry of special guests.

This week's new episode was centered on a familiar face for Fixer Upper fans, Jimmy Don the metal/iron expert. Jimmy Don asks Chip and Joanna to jazz up a little house on his property to be the perfect first home for his son Jake. Of course the Gaines' took on the challenge with their usual pizzazz. The plain little shed transforms into a sleek, masculine, shiplap laden, home. It's the perfect bachelor pad.

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But along with the new bells and whistles inside, one very special Texan appeared in this episode to provide Jimmy Don and Jake with a surprise gift for the exterior. Jo and her daughters visited former First Lady Laura Bush at the Bush family's tree farm on their ranch in Crawford, Texas. Mrs. Bush led the Gaines ladies down rows of gorgeous greenery until Jo's girls picked out the perfect tree.

As Laura Bush noted on Instagram, they chose a beautiful red oak.

The tree fits in perfectly with the stunningly transformed mountain lodge style home. And Jimmy Don and Jake were very touched to have such a substantial and sentimental gift from the 43rd President and First Lady that will be a permanent feature outside Jake's new home.