Washing clothes never looked better.
Laundry Basket
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From using this uncommon shade of blue paint to making room for some more fake flowers in your life, Joanna Gaines has never let us down with her home advice. Now, she's wowed us again with a friendly design reminder, this time, for an oft-overlooked spot: The laundry room.

In an instagram post from Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines' home goods market and online retailer, we see a gorgeous visual of a functional and farmhouse-chic worthy interior. "Jo reminds us in the spring issue of the Magnolia Journal that creating inspiration in rooms of our home that we spend a lot of time in is a worthwhile pursuit," the caption begins. "After all, isn't doing laundry more fun in a space like this? Pick up a copy of this season's issue to read Jo's tips on sprucing up your laundry room! (Magnolia.com/journal)"

Personally, we love the idea of setting up a work station in our laundry room (a couch or cozy chair nook sounds good to us, too). The black-and-white color scheme here is certainly elegant, and we love the pop of color from the potted plants. For a dose of vintage fun, Jo also incorporated a gorgeous print of horse sktches and throwback filing boxes to complete the look.

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