Not that you're planning on waiting until the week of Labor Day to plan your trip, of course.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 13, 2018
Ilka & Franz/Getty Images

When I'm planning a trip, it's not family, or college roommates, or colleagues who are my best friends — KAYAK is my digital blanket of salvation, my partner in new tapas-seeking horizons, my best friend indeed.

The travel search giant makes it easy to plan a vacation, whether with the neat KAYAK explore tool for vacation planning on a budget or by helping me figure out the best flight deal for this past July 4th (Hey, Charleston). Now, with Labor Day a few weeks away, the company has shared their intel on the most affordable spots for a Labor Day Weekend getaway.

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In their post, KAYAK breaks down potential destinations by how many weeks in advance you're planning your travels, and shares options for both domestic and international locales. "By tracking the destinations that saw the lowest median airfare for Labor Day last year, we've identified which cities could offer you the most bang for your vacation buck," they explain in the article before sharing their findings.

The winners? Turns out, if you're planning your Labor Day Weekend vacation two weeks ahead of Labor Day or the week of Labor Day, several Southern cities are excellent bets. For those planning two weeks ahead, Memphis, Tennessee, came in second for domestic destinations with a median airfare of $131, just $20 more than Martha's Vineyard, which secured the number one slot with median airfare of $111. Meanwhile, for those who wait until the Eleventh Hour and plan their trip the week of Labor Day, Austin and New Orleans tied for second for domestic destinations with a median airfare of $149, a mere $5 more than Las Vegas, which snagged first place with a median airfare of $144.

See the full list here. And if planning vacations under the wire tends to be your M.O., may we remind you of the secret benefit to booking your flights early?