Land Crab
Credit: Pascale Gueret/Getty Images

Hurricane Barry's heavy rains brought a swarm of unexpected visitors to Dan Skowronski's house in Port St. Lucie, Florida, last week: hundreds of land crabs.

"The invasion of land crabs," Skowronski says in a shocking video (below) of the crustaceans descending upon his property. "They must have got rained out of their holes. And they're everywhere. They're more scared of me than I am of them."

The scene, of countless crabs climbing the screened porch around his pool and scuttling along the foundation of his house, is nothing short of horrifying. Skowronski, however, can be heard laughing while he narrates.

"I would say a good six inches, seven inches long," he recalled to WPTV. "They were a pretty good size with real big claws, real big crab claws."

"I post some goofy stuff with my friends on Facebook and I thought they would get a good kick out of this," Skowronski told the station of his decision to share the now-viral footage on social media. "And they really got shocked and amused out of this, so I thought, maybe I should forward this to somebody, and they might like it too."

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Fortunately, the crabs cleared out… eventually. WPTV reports that a news crew only found three crabs when they toured Skowronski's property on Friday.