Lacey Chabert Launches Apparel Line With HSN

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In the movie Mean Girls, Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners and her friends believed that "on Wednesdays we wear pink." Now, in real life, the Mississippi native wants women to wear clothes that are comfortable and still stylish. Chabert just launched her first apparel line in partnership with HSN that she described as "a dream come true," in a recent conversation with Southern Living.

"I've always wanted to have a clothing line. My sisters and I would dream up all these ideas when we were growing up of having our own line of loungewear specifically." In this first release, of what will be several over the next coming months, the Hallmark star is offering several different looks including pajamas, a dress perfect for lounging or lunching, and a lightweight jacket as we head into fall, just to name a few. But all of the different items were designed with comfort as the main goal. "I wanted to create a line that felt super cozy and comfortable but also still cute and felt like it was something you could lounge around the house in, or go get coffee in, or I could drop my daughter off at school and feel like I was presentable but comfortable."

Chabert shared that this has been a long process that she's finally glad she gets to share with the world. "Wardrobe is such a big part of my life. Not only my personal life but because of my acting career. I think it says so much about a character and it helps in creating a character." She spoke about how she's worked with costume designers on set to help bring authenticity and uniqueness to each of her characters on screen, oftentimes incorporating items from her own closet, including her own wedding dress.

Now she's put that same amount of care into creating clothes for all of us to wear in our real lives. "The process of designing clothes and seeing this come to fruition is very similar to making a movie. It all starts with an idea, an inspiration, then there's an outline and a script and a movie. Here there are sketches. I worked with a team to describe my personal style and what I hoped it would look like. I showed them specific pieces from my closet that I loved and why I loved them and the types of details I wanted to feature."

Another exciting element in this collection is that several of her pieces will also be offered in children's sizes. There will be a Mommy & Me option for several of the items, including her personal favorite, the dress. The version for adults is called The Lacey priced at $49.99 and the mini version is The Julia priced at $39.99. Both come in the same four color/pattern options.

Chabert also shared that she chose several positive phrases to be embroidered onto some of the pieces, one of which has a very personal tie. On the sleeve of the Cloudy Sky print of the PJ set, it says "Big as the sky" because, as she explained, "growing up my parents always said 'I love you as big as the sky,' and now I say that to Julia."

Chabert, like many of the Hallmark stars, often interacts directly with her fans. She attends many of the fan conventions for a chance to meet and thank her fans. When we mentioned the scenario that she may now begin to see some of those women show up in her clothing, she responded with a genuinely warm smile as she said, "whenever I make anything, if it's a movie, or anything that I share, I hope that it resonates with people. And I hope people are inspired if they can be. So the thought of someone purchasing a piece of my clothing from HSN and then possibly bumping into them on the street [to see] them enjoying and wearing it, it's just so thrilling to me. I can't wait for that moment!"

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