Sliders Sadness: Krystal, the Beloved Southern Burger Chain, Files for Bankruptcy

Thankfully, the company says all of its locations will remain open.

The Krystal hamburger eatery at Atlanta Airport.
Photo: Getty Images / Jeff Greenberg

Hungry at midnight? If you're not going to Waffle House, chances are you may find yourself enjoying a perfectly sized, square burger snack at Krystal, with most of its 300-something outposts operating 24/7.

This week, the fast-food chain—originally founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1932, and now headquartered in Georgia—has filed for bankruptcy. Founded in the midst of the Great Depression, Krystal is known to be one of the oldest fast food chains in the country. According to the company website, "Even during the Great Depression, founders Rody Davenport Jr. and Glenn Sherrill believed that a good meal at a great price—served with a smile at a clean restaurant—would attract customers and keep them coming back." Clearly, they've kept customers coming back for many years since with their signature square slider burgers topped with chopped onions and served nestled inside steamed buns.

"The actions we are taking are intended to enable Krystal to establish a stronger business for the future and to achieve a restructuring in a fast and efficient manner," the company said in a press release on Tuesday, per the Associated Press. "We are pleased to be ready to move toward a brighter future for the brand and have the support of our stakeholders."

Before this news broke, the restaurant had closed more than 40 restaurants over the past year. Now, despite filing for bankruptcy, the company said that all of its locations, which span across 10 Southern states, will remain open. On social media platforms, the brand has kept things proceeding as normal, with plenty of photos of tasty eats.

Needless to say, we're hungry just looking at the above photo. (Perhaps you'll join us and ditch your lunch plans in favor of beelining to a Krystal near you?) Personally, we wish that eggnog shake from the holiday season were around year-round for a sweet treat.

WATCH: Krystal Brings Back Eggnog Shake for the Holidays

Do you have memories of going to Krystal growing up in the South? What's your favorite menu item? Do your eyes light up as much as ours when you get to order your Original Krystal with a side of fries?

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