Behold, the Pimento Cheese Bite.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 22, 2018
Krystal Pimento Cheese Bites
Credit: Krystal

Few fast food chains understand Southern bellies like Krystal does. Case in point: the 86-year-old restaurant known for its small, square slider-style burger just rolled out the Southern snack we never knew we needed. Behold, the Pimento Cheese Bite.

Is your stomach growling? Ours too.

Krystal's unique take on this classic Southern favorite starts with sharp cheddar cheese, red bell peppers, milk and cream cheese for a smooth creamy texture and hearty helpings of pimento, garlic and onion. The pimentos are slightly brined with extra cayenne for a little extra punch. Last but not least, these delectable little nuggets are fried until they are golden brown and perfectly oozey inside.

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If you're thinking that Krystal just managed to out Southern itself, you're certainly not wrong. And it was no accident.

"Krystal's heritage is distinctly Southern—we're the South's original fast-food restaurant. So our menu is inspired by the communities we serve," Dominic Losacco, Krystal's chief marketing officer, told Southern Living. "Pimento Cheese Bites are a playful take on a Southern tradition. We added an extra kick of cayenne and upped the pimentos. Pair Pimento Cheese Bites with a Frozen Lemonhead Slushie made from real Lemonhead candies created in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Krystal was born, and you've got the perfect combination."

Krystal will start serving Pimento Cheese Bites and the aforementioned Frozen Lemonhead Slushies on Monday, June 25. Adjust your diets accordingly.