Kentucky granny roasts her own grandson in this funny note.  

Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 24, 2017
Getty Images / Bloomberg / Contributor

There are many times Kroger has saved us. When we're craving the perfect barbecue picnic side, it's been there for us. When we've scored the last manager's special for a spur of the moment potluck, they've come to our rescue. Now, it's safe to say that one Kentucky granny appreciates their customer service as much as we do, as made manifestably clear in a recent comment card she's left at the grocery store that has since gone viral.

After arriving at the store to satisfy a late-night craving for yogurt-covered cranberries, she was met by the kind aid of a Lexington, Kentucky Kroger employee named Nathaniel Hunter. The gentleman truly went above and beyond in helping her search for a late-night treat. So much so, that she even penned this thoughtful and hilarious tribute to Nathaniel's benevolence. 


Here are our favorite parts of the laugh-out-loud note:

Instead of merely pointing me in the direction, he walked me over to the trail mix machines. He then helped me navigate those darn contraptions. He even put in the number so I could print out my barcode. I have trouble with all of this new technology and it is nice to know that there are bright young people out there that will stop and help an old lady like me.

As I was leaving the store I couldn't help but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel. I know that's terrible of me to say as a grandmother. Don't get me wrong, I love my Tyler to death, but he is so rude to me sometimes. Whenever I ask for computer help he just tells me to google it. He dresses in all black and it really disturbs me. His mother says it's only a phase, I hope so. Perhaps I'll see Nathaniel again and I can ask him to be friends with Tyler so that he has a good influence.


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This spunky grandma certainly made us chuckle and share this story with all of our Kroger-enthusiast friends. But we can't help but wonder, how did her grandson Tyler take the news?