Real Life Disney Princess is on a Mission to Comfort Before Irma Hits

Never underestimate the power of a little Disney magic.

Disney Anna and Elsa
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What does a Disney Princess do in times of trouble? She sings. That's precisely what real life Disney Princess, Kristen Bell has done for those anxiously awaiting Irma's arrival in an Orlando hurricane shelter.

Bell was on a trip to Ft. Lauderdale when reports of Irma's impending wrath caused her to evacuate to Orlando. Along the way she rescued the real life family of her Frozen co-star, Josh Gad. He took to social media to thank her for alleviating his worries and saving his family.

Then the weather reports changed and it looked like Orlando would not be in the clear either. Shelters hastily opened all over the western side of Florida, including at Meadow Woods Middle School.

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Bell was safe in her Orlando hotel and could have just stayed there, quietly waiting for the storm. But she didn't. She wanted to do something for others and to ease the tensions for those waiting this destructive and deadly storm's arrival. She took to social media Saturday afternoon with a request:

"Anyone in Orlando near Epcot play piano? And have a keyboard and mic and amp?" The woman behind the voice of Anna in Disney's Frozen was on a secret mission.

Sunday morning, just hours before the hurricane's predicted approach, Bell made a surprise appearance at that makeshift shelter at Meadow Woods Middle School, to the delight of all of the nervous inhabitants.

Kristen Bell, we salute you for your kind gestures and we hope all who are in Irma's path are safe and secure.

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