Krispy Kreme Launches Three New Fruit-Flavored Glazes for a Limited Time

Strawberry, key lime, and lemon-flavored doughnuts on deck.

When hunger strikes, Krispy Kreme delivers.

If you ask us, fruity doughnuts sound like a pretty good way to deliver a jolt of sweetness to our harried souls amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In a press release, the Winston-Salem-based doughnut chain announced the debut of "Fresh off the Line Doughnuts," a trio of three fruit flavors that will be released throughout the next three weeks and available on Tuesday through Friday on their given debut weeks. Each of the three flavors will be available in both original and original-filled varieties.

Fresh off the Line Doughnuts
Krispy Kreme

First up are Strawberry Glazed and Strawberry Kreme Filled Doughnuts available next Tuesday through Friday, May 1. Then, coming on May 5th through 8th will be Key Lime Glazed and Key Lime Kreme Filled Doughnuts. Last but not least on May 12th through the 15th will be the arrival of Lemon Glazed and Lemon Kreme Filled Doughnuts.

“These new doughnuts taste amazing. And, since you can’t come inside to enjoy seeing them being glazed right now, we decided to bring the glazer to you,” said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Check out the video of the fruit doughnuts in all of their glazing glory below.

Hungry? You can buy Fresh off the Line Doughnuts either through your local Krispy Kreme drive‑thru or by ordering online through Krispy Kreme’s website or app for curbside pickup or for delivery to your doorstep, where available.

Now, all we need is to brew up a fresh cup of coffee, a cozy pair of sweatpants, and a good book and we've got ourselves one lovely weekday morning. Here's to hoping we'll all be able to enjoy doughnuts together with our loved ones soon, but for now, we'll raise a crumb and toast to being alone together.

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