Krispy Kreme Is Launching Nationwide Delivery This Saturday

Praise the Original Glazed heavens.

I love Krispy Kreme. You love Krispy Kreme. You know what's even better than the new "Krispety, Crunchety" Butterfinger doughnuts that we can't wait to get our hands on? Those Krispy Kreme Butterfinger doughnuts—and anything else your hungry stomach desires—delivered.

That's right, starting on Leap Day, Saturday, February 29th, the doughnut empire based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will begin delivery at nearly all of its U.S. shops. To place your order, simply visit the Krispy Kreme website here or use the Krispy Kreme app. In most cases, individuals within at least 10 miles of a Krispy Kreme shop can order fresh doughnuts for delivery.

Krispy Kreme National Delivery
Krispy Kreme

This Saturday, Krispy Kreme will toast their "leap" into doughnuts delivery by distributing free doughnuts to maternity wards across the country. To let Krispy Kreme know about a newborn birth, parents, families, doctors, nurses, and other maternity ward staff at hospitals within 10 miles of most Krispy Kreme shops are urged to share the news on social media when a baby is delivered, citing the hospital, tagging @KrispyKreme, and using #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery in the post, for a chance to be considered for the giveaway. Krispy Kreme will take it from there with the surprise deliveries of five dozen complimentary doughnuts.

"Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery is pretty sweet, and so are Leap Day babies. Using 2020's extra day to make the leap to national delivery, while celebrating Leap Day babies, will be a fun moment for our brand and fans," said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme, in a company press release.

Know of a mama-to-be with a due date that's rapidly approaching? Be sure to let her know about this tasty special. We repeat, dear friends: Five dozen free doughnuts delivered directly to the hospital.

As for the rest of us, we're looking forward to many rainy-day doughnut deliveries to our homes and team meetings with a dozen doughnuts on deck—no office gopher required to pick up the bounty. Finally.

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