Founded in Winston-Salem in 1937, here's the latest HQ update from the doughnut royalty.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 30, 2017
Getty Images

Bojangles', Hardee's, and Krispy Kreme all got their start in the Tar Heel State. But is the famed doughnut empire getting ready to ditch its Winston-Salem headquarters?

It'd certainly be a big change for the restaurant chain—which has kept its headquarters in Winston-Salem since the company was founded in 1937—but despite neighborhood rumblings, it doesn't look like a relocation is in the works.

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"We are maintaining Krispy Kreme's global headquarters in Winston-Salem, the birthplace of the company, as we deeply value our heritage and attachment to this area," spokeswoman Sarah Roof Garling told the Winston-Salem Journal in an article last week. However, it appears at least some corporate employees will relocate to Charlotte, as the company works to "establish a presence" there. Though Krispy Kreme will bolster its presence in new cities like Charlotte as part of a "long-term success" strategy, Garling would not clarify how Krispy Kreme's Charlotte operations will play out.

For now, we'll raise a Cheerwine toast to America's favorite doughnut chain keeping its HQ in the Dash.

(For all you grammar enthusiasts, Winston-Salem is actually the proud owner of a hyphen, but alas.)