Krispy Kreme Releasing Doughnuts Just for Dogs

Paw-sitively perfect treats for our pups!

KKD Doggie Doughnuts with Dog
Photo: Krispy Kreme

In the past, most dogs have been willing to sit or stay for a doggie biscuit, but don't be surprised if the next time you want your dog to lie down, they expect a doughnut instead.

Krispy Kreme knows how to mark a special occasion. So to celebrate National Dog Day, Krispy Kreme is unleashing (get it??) a doughnut designed just for very good dogs. The nut-based Doggie Doughnuts are inspired by favorite Krispy Kreme flavors like the beloved strawberry iced with sprinkles. They come six to a pack, tucked inside a Krispy Kreme box just for your pup. They look good enough to eat–for humans or canines!

Don't worry, though, while the Doggie Doughnuts look like tasty glazed treats, they are actually baked not fried and created just for pups with no harmful ingredients. That "chocolate" doughnut isn't a no-no at all and instead may have your pup begging, rolling over, and sitting and staying in the hopes of a second helping. Don't wait too long, though, because theDoggie Doughnuts made just for dogs will be released for the first time ever in the U.S. in celebration of National Dog Day, which is celebrated on Friday August 26, if your dog forgot to tell you. This is a limited time treat, though, and will only be available while supplies last or through the weekend.

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