Emphasis on coolest.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 24, 2018
Krispy Kreme Sign
Credit: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Just like that, Halloween has crept up on us. With the holiday but a week away, Krispy Kreme has debuted a fitting seasonal beverage: the Caramel Apple Chiller.

As revealed in a instagram post yesterday, the new offering is a lime green frothy caramel-apple drink, perfect for the Halloween season. Flavor-wise? "This beverage has an intense green apple flavor with indulgent Ghirardelli caramel swirled throughout to create a tasty treat," writes Christina Ruotolo of the new sipper for Greenville, North Carolina's The Daily Reflector.

Of course, the Winston-Salem-based company also has plenty of tasty doughnuts to pair with your drink, including the new Trick-or-Treat Doughnut, "...an Original Glazed Doughnut dipped and drizzled in salted caramel and topped with pieces of some of your favorite chocolate Halloween candies," as the company's press release bills it. They'll also be adding the new Monster Batter Doughnut to the menu, which is cake batter filling with "slime green" icing, colorful confetti, and monster eyes. For the Halloween season, the Jack-O-Lantern Doughnut, and the Chocolate Iced Doughnut with Halloween Sprinkles will also make their return to the menu.

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