Watch This Virginia Toddler Cooking Up a Storm on Instagram

Kobe Eats is the newest social media star and he's the joy we all need right now.

Over the last few months, as we’ve remained home during the coronavirus crisis, many of us have turned to the kitchen for comfort. For some, that could mean indulging in decadent treats, but for many of us, we’ve been cooking and baking more than ever before. We have turned to our favorite ladies, Ina, Ree, and Jo for comfort and kitchen inspiration. But these pros better make some room for the newest social media sensation, Chef Kobe.

One-year-old Kobe Wian is rapidly gaining fans with is charming Instagram videos as he helps out mom in the kitchen. It’s not step by step recipe instruction, but Kobe’s pinchable full cheeks, never ending smile, and jolly giggles are sure to infuse joy into your day. As we are all cooking morning, noon, and night, maybe Chef Kobe will be just the inspiration you need. Muffins anyone?

“We love hearing that he puts a smile on so many faces all over the world during such a difficult time! It makes us feel like we’re doing something right as parents to be raising a child who has the capability to make anyone smile with just a laugh! We always get messages from people saying how infectious his personality is,” mom Ashley Wian told Southern Living.

Kobe Eats
Ashley Wian

As many of us have found out, this unplanned extended stay at home time has allowed families to really spend quality time together and get back to basics. Wian hopes that her son helps spark ideas for families.

“We also love that it has encouraged parents to get their kids in the kitchen and sit down and eat as a family, something that is extremely important in our home.”

This Virginia born babe is a boy after our own hearts. “Kobe loves all things Southern,” mom told us. “Collard greens, sweet potato pie (on special occasions lol) Mac and cheese, chicken and dumplings... he loves it all!”

Wian also wants parents to realize that bringing your children enriches their minds well beyond learning a family recipe.

“It’s not all about cooking. The kitchen is the perfect place to explore and learn. He investigates new ingredients, feels new textures, learns practical skills like pouring, scooping, and measuring. That is why this all started, another practical thing that he can learn so much from.”

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Keep cooking, Kobe! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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