This bizarre king cake story has come to a hilarious conclusion


The bizarre story of how Facebook applied its nudity ban to Mardi Gras king cake babies has come to an appropriately hilarious conclusion.

The saga's happy ending came in the form of the "world's first fully clothed king cake baby," gifted to Facebook by King Cake Snob a few weeks after the social media platform banned one of their ads for featuring photos of naked plastic babies—the harmless good luck charms found inside most king cakes.

The questionable choice of censorship went viral, and Facebook has since reversed its decision. So, last week, in true Mardi Gras spirit, King Cake Snob thanked Facebook by sending founder Mark Zuckerberg a very special king cake featuring a well-dressed baby. Naturally!

"In the spirit of the Mardi Gras season, we sent Mark Zuckerberg & the Facebook team a custom King Cake, complete with the world's first fully clothed King Cake baby!" King Cake Snob, a website dedicated to rating the ring-shaped cakes of the same name, wrote on Facebook. "Big thanks to 2018 ‘Seal of Approval' winner Caluda's King Cake for helping us with the project. Laissez les bons toups rouler!"

Something tells us the folks at Facebook will never question the importance of a king cake baby again!