Kentucky doctor delivers baby while on the brink of labor herself

Baby delivery
Credit: Getty Images / Thomas Trutschel / Contributor

Even medical school can't prepare you for moments like this. Dr. Amanda Hess, a Frankfort, Kentucky-based obstetrician-gynecologist was preparing to have labor induced at Frankfort Regional Medical Center last week. Then, right as she was waiting to get an IV, she heard a woman scream from a room nearby.

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Quickly, Dr. Hess learned that the troubled wails came from one of her own patients in labor, Leah Halliday-Johnson. Unfortunately, the other doctor on call had just recently left, and with no time to spare, Dr.Hess rushed to her patient's room down the hall.

"I put on some boots over my flip flops and found another gown to cover myself up and just did the regular [and] put my stuff to deliver on and delivered a baby," Dr. Hess told Lexington NBC News affiliate WLEX-18. Meanwhile, after Halliday-Johnson gave birth to her healthy baby girl, Dr. Hess's own contractions started minutes later. Around twelve hours after the miraculous delivery, Dr. Hess gave birth to a baby girl, too. We're hoping the maternity leave for this dedicated doctor is a tad more relaxed.