Ashton Kutcher Plays Kenny Chesney Before Movie Premieres Because It Makes Him Feel "Humble and Reflective"

We had no idea this Iowa boy was such a fan.

Close your eyes and remember the Before Times for a moment: What did you do before leaving your home for a night on the town? If the answer was "play Kenny Chesney to mellow out," you would be correct—and you'd have something in common with A-list actor Ashton Kutcher.

Recently, Chesney caught up with the Taste of Country Nights syndicated radio show and learned a bit of fascinating intel about the That '70s Show star. "Ashton Kutcher came up to me one night and told me that he listens to my music every time he has to go to a movie premiere," Chesney explained on the show. "He listens to my music because it just makes him feel humble and reflective of where he grew up."

Actor Ashton Kutcher and musician Kenny Chesney backstage at the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for ACM

Kutcher, a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, may not be from the South, but we're sure the wide open spaces of Eastern Iowa gave him an appreciation for many of the themes in country music. And we totally agree with Mr. Kutcher on Cheney's music making us pause and be grateful for all that we have.

Speaking of which, we can't get enough of Chesney's feel-good new single, "Happy Does," off his latest album Here and Now. Listen to the song on YouTube below.

"Happy is as happy does / Grab a six -string, find a rope swing / Hang a palm tree in your truck," as Chesney sings, are words right after our hearts right about now. And this lyric just about nails it: "Laugh and live with a half-full cup / Yeah, happy is as happy does."

We hope Mr. Kutcher is listening to this song and enjoying it as much as we do — even if it's in the comfort of his home without any movie premieres on the horizon. If you ask us, Chesney is just as suitable for red carpet evenings as he is for red velvet cake on the couch evenings.

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