Clarkson is dishing out the Southern hospitality to impress her fellow coaches for her first season on the hit series.

By Meghan Overdeep
May 11, 2018
NBC/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson's talents aren't limited to singing. The Texas-born hit maker, it turns out, is also quite capable with a needle and thread.

Clarkson is apparently going above and beyond to impress her fellow coaches on The Voice by surprising them with handmade quilts. Even host Carson Daly got one!

Blake Shelton posted a photo of himself and Adam Levine showing off their custom quilts. "NEVER has a voice coach hand made me a gift!!!" the country crooner captioned the ‘gram. "Thank you Kelly Clarkson!!! We can't help but notice that a square on Shelton's reads "useless land north of Texas"—a subtle jab at Oklahoma, his home state.

Daly also bragged about his new Clarkson-made quilt on social media, praising the singer on Instagram. "@kellyclarkson is officially my favorite human. She hand made a quilt for me!" he wrote. "Look at this. NYC cabs, airplanes b/c I fly so much, "Daily News", Yankees, TV sets/radios, coffee mugs. She made me a custom QUILT! It's so soft, unlike those old ones...who are you? Thank you"

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Clarkson, an exceptionally busy mother of two, was predictably humble about her handiwork, writing on Twitter "don't look 2 closely because it sort of looks like a high school home economics project."

You can't fool us, Kelly! We know a quilter when we see one.