Ready for some Santa-approved sugar cookie cereal?

Elf on a Shelf Cereal
Credit: Courtesy Walmart

Christmas will soon be in the air, or in the grocery breakfast cereal aisle at least.

Starting in early November, Walmart will stock the new Elf on the Shelf Sugar Cookie Cereal from Kellogg's. The tasty cereal is quite the visual feast and is made up of red and green magical star pieces, marshmallows, sugar cookie flavor and edible glitter. Kids will go crazy for a festive bowl, but we're pretty enamored by the colorful medley, too. Each box retails for $3.64.

The cereal is inspired by the 2005 hit children's book, The Elf on the Shelf, which sparked an all-out craze, thanks to the book's parent-friendly tale that an elf monitors kids to make sure they're behaving well. If you'd like something a little sweeter, Walmart is also selling Elf on the Shelf Cakebites, starting on November 4th.

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We'll see you at Walmart next month. For now, we'll be enjoying all the Halloween cereal we can while it's still October and the Season of Spooks.