How cute are they?

By Meghan Overdeep
August 21, 2018
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman appeared even more surprised than the crowd when her husband Keith Urban pulled her onstage in the middle of his 58-city Graffiti U World Tour over the weekend.

The country crooner took a break from the tunes during his Saturday night appearance in Chicago to invite two female fans, one of whom was pregnant, onto the stage with him to celebrate "Baby's first time onstage."

After a quick chat with the fans, Urban motioned to his A-lister wife of 12 years, who was apparently watching him perform from backstage. "C'mon, baby, say hi to these lovely people," he said, encouraging her to join him in the spotlight.

Video captured by a member of the audience shows an unmistakably embarrassed Kidman join him in the spotlight from stage left. She then kisses Urban and greets the two fans before making a dash for the shadows. "Is that it?" Urban asks, running after her. "Don't you want to hang here with me a little bit? Baby, you love me."

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After making some small talk with the fans, Urban, sensing his Kidman's discomfort, suggests they all take a selfie. "We should get a picture because my wife is freaking out right now," he says. "I can tell you, you are in good hands, baby girl."

"You need to sing," Kidman reminds him, causing the audience to roar with laughter.

"Tough crowd," Urban muses, jokingly.

"Sing! Sing!" Kidman lovingly chides her husband before walking offstage with the fans.

Watch the adorable interaction above.