“How ‘bout a pickle? Popsicle? Or a slice of cheese?”
At The Fridge Again
Credit: YouTube/KD French

Atlanta-based gospel singer KD French used music to come clean about her love-hate relationship with her refrigerator amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and we have never felt to seen.

The singer's hilarious nine-part song, in which she provides the lead and background vocals, about snacking during lockdown has gone viral for its unabashed relatability.

"Somebody stop me, I'm at the fridge," French sings.  "She's at the fridge again!" the background vocals chime in.

"I think it's time for my snack now, but it's only been two minutes since the last visit," she continues. "What about the chicken? Mashed potatoes? Collard greens? Or some fruit? Or a melon? Ice cream? How 'bout a pickle? Popsicle? Or a slice of cheese?"

We aren't the only ones who identify with the song. So far it's brought in nearly 10 million views across Facebook and YouTube.

"This is the official COVID19 lockdown weight gain anthem," one commenter wrote on YouTube. "This is what the internet was made for!!" another chimed in.

French, who regularly shares gospel videos on social media, told Today that the song came to her one day during one of many visits to the refrigerator.

"I just ran with it. I was at the fridge again for the 20th time within an hour, seriously, and I just ran with it," she said. "A beat started coming. See, there is rhythm in everything we do, I feel."

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Shocked and humbled by the song's success, French told CNN that she's just happy to be putting a smile on people's faces.

"All of us are going through something. And we can see it every day on the news, one thing over here and another thing over there," she said. "And I'm just grateful to be in the category of laughter. Laughter heals, it helps."