Pack your party hats.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 08, 2019
Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG/Getty Images

Well, what do we know. It's (somehow) October and maybe probably definitely time to start planning ahead for New Year's Eve.

This year, if you're looking to travel, two Southern cities are in the spotlight according to travel booking giant, KAYAK. In their 2019 Holiday Travel Hacker Guide they singled out both Dallas and Miami in their global top 10 list of trending New Year's Eve destinations, amongst other hot spots like St. Lucia and Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Dallas, which secured the #4 slot has shown a 49% increase in searches on the site, and Miami. which ranked #9 on the list, has revealed a 20% spike in KAYAK searches.

"When it comes to New Year's Eve travel, warm weather cities have historically dominated the list. And while it's usually the international cities that snag top spots, this year there were two US cities (up from one last year) that topped the list," says KAYAK's Regional Director of North America, Steve Sintra. While Miami, known for its party scene and beachfront fireworks may be an obvious frontrunner for New Year's Eve, Dallas might be a bit more unexpected. "At first glance, Dallas could be surprising to see top the list. But, DFW has put a lot of effort into expanding its flight offerings, adding a significant amount of new routes this past year—the fastest rate of growth for this airport in the last 15 years. New routes combined with warm temperatures and a bustling downtown are likely all contributing factors to the increased interest we're seeing," offers Sintra. While Sintra recommends heading to Sundance Square Plaza in Fort Worth to usher in your 2020, there's no shortage of incredible events happening all around the Big D and Fort Worth should you choose to take your travels there at the end of this December.

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Do you have a favorite city to travel to for New Year's Eve? Or are you all about toasting champagne from the comfort of your couch?