Vacation planning across state lines just got so much better.
Women Kayaking on Lake
Credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images

If you've ever tried to coordinate schedules with your friends, parents, or partner for a trip, you know it can be tough. Add in the fact that you live in Florida and your college roomie resides in Texas, and you know all too well the headache that ensues to find affordable flights for both parties.

That's why travel giant, KAYAK, has introduced the KAYAK Rendezvous tool. Using the simple interface, you simply type in "your city" and "their city" and select the dates you'd like to plan your trip (you can specify whether or not the exact dates matter). Then, Rendezvous does some magical algorithm-churning and suggests the cheapest destinations for you to book your getaway, as determined by the lowest combined airfare cost for two roundtrip tickets.

Let's say you're in Austin and your sorority sister is in NYC, Rendezvous reveals that the most affordable place for both of you to travel to is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for $217 for both flights. See a brief video overview of how it works below.

Of course, the method isn't perfect since cheap airfare doesn't always mean you can score an affordable hotel in town and that experiences and dining in the city come cheap. Even so, it's a great launching pad if you're in need of some travel inspiration and live far away from the person or people with whom you're vacationing.

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