For starters, you don't show up to the ceremony in a wrinkled dress. 
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress for Pippa
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Since becoming a member of Britain's most famous family, Kate Middleton has often been revered for her grace, style, elegance, and royal etiquette, mirroring the same valued traits inherent with Southern women. Most notably (and recently) her stylish, yet appropriate, decision to wear a custom-made Alexander McQueen dress when attending her sister Pippa's wedding this past May.

Kate's dress embodied the practical way women below the Mason-Dixon get all gussied up for special occasions, and, most importantly, the dress checked off all the right Southern-inspired boxes—long sleeves and a light pink palette that doubled as blush and bashful. To top off her look, she paired it with a matching fascinator that would've fit in nicely at any Kentucky Derby celebration. But the one thing we appreciate most about the Duchess of Cambridge's understated, midi-length dress is that she didn't break the cardinal rule of wedding-attire etiquette: don't upstage the bride.

We recently discovered Kate seemingly took another fashionable cue from Southern women: never be without a spare dress. When your garment is too delicate to iron, or you're asked to watch over the bridal party and two very busy (and ridiculously cute children)—just as Kate was tasked with at Pippa's wedding—look to the Duchess for the perfect wrinkle- and stain-free solution: wear an informal, casual, dress on the way to the ceremony.

Kate Middleton Zara Dress Pippa Wedding
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Kate's attire en route to Pippa's wedding may surprise you. The Dutchess opted for a $51 Zara floral-printed dress, according to the Daily Mail and as shown above. Furthermore, Kate's spare dress proved that even royalty can't pass up on a great deal. Or, maybe she just couldn't risk attending a formal event with creases, stains, and excessive wrinkles, which we Southern women know is a big no-no.

Zara Dress
Credit: Zara

No word on what Kate actually wore to the reception, but something tells us that Zara will be getting a ton of business in the coming days! Unfortunately, though, that exact floor-length shirt dress is no longer available. But, if you're in need of something on the more casual side to wear to a summer wedding, we've got you covered with these blooming, affordable alternatives.

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It goes without saying that Southern women don't just make the effort, we swear by it. We take our wardrobe and makeup seriously here, too. And apparently Kate Middleton knows that sometimes making the effort, particularly when there's not a steamer or iron in sight, may come down to making a simple quick change.