Keep your eyes peeled for this furry fugitive hopping around.

By Meghan Overdeep
April 26, 2019
Freder/Getty Images

When the Hays County Constable's Office first started getting calls about a kangaroo on the loose in Wimberley, they assumed it was a joke. But as more and more residents reported sightings of a tan, male kangaroo in their backyards and even on their front porches, it became clear that the tiny Texas Hill Country town had an AWOL marsupial on their hands.

The kangaroo, it turns out, escaped from Trails End Ranch, an exotic wildlife ranch on the town's outskirts, on Wednesday. Owner Roy Dale told KVUE that he thought his gates would keep the kangaroo on his property while he was out of town this week, but the curious ‘roo hopped right over.

"I didn't think he could jump that far," said Dale.

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Concerned for the animal's safety, Constable Ray Helm launched an exhaustive search for the furry fugitive. He eventually caught up with the wayward marsupial and shared a Facebook Live video of him going about his business and enjoying his newfound freedom along the side of the road.

Helm told Fox 7 Austin that the kangaroo knows where his home is and appears to be healthy. "He is not in any kind of danger, we just want to keep him out of the roads," he explained.

Be on the lookout, West Texas!