We adore this pink abode.

During these dangerous and devastating snowstorms that have pummeled down on Texas this week, we've been keeping Texans in our thoughts (here's how to help our friends in the Lone Star State). But if we may, we'd like to take a moment to appreciate a sweet series of tweets in the wake of the snow's arrival, showcasing a darling pink house in Golden, Texas.

Whose house? Memaw's house. Country star Kacey Musgraves' grandmother's house, that is. "Ain't neverrr seen Golden, TX like this," Musgraves captions two photos of a small pink house surrounded by powder, also noting that she grew up in this home. "Years ago it was going to be put up for sale so I saved it from being sold & painted it baby pink because it was my Memaw's favorite color. (Sadly she's gone now. She lived on this land next door all my childhood.) & my mom painted the porch ceiling like this because Texas," she continues, posting a photo of her grandma and the Texas flag proudly emblazoned on the porch's ceiling.

Later on in the thread Musgraves shares that her grandma was a nurse who "raised a lot of kids" and that you can hear her grandma on the intro to her song "This Town," on her 2015 album Pageant Material. "It's her tellin stories about all the crazy ongoings of the local hospital. I always loved hearin 'em. Luckily I somehow recorded one before she passed," Musgraves added.

Since sharing the Tweets on February 16, the post has garnered 56,100 likes and counting with plenty of comments from fans. "How much sweet tea did you drink on that porch?" inquired one Twitter user, while another exclaimed "TEXAS BARBIE DREAM HOUSE" capturing our thoughts precisely.

We hope the snowy views and quiet time spent safely at home is giving Ms. Musgraves plenty of musical inspiration for upcoming songs. Snowy Hour perhaps?