Let's hear it for K.B. Williams.

Wheat Field
Credit: Pakin Songmor/Getty Images

When your vocation is your life's passion, it's sustenance much like water and bread that keeps you going well into old age.

100-year-old Oklahoma wheat farmer K.B. Williams can't imagine his life without the fields. "I was never scared of work," he told SUNUP TV in a recent interview. "I just enjoyed farming really well." After breaking his hip recently, returning to the combine harvester motivated Williams to stick with his rehabilitation program.

"It's been a pretty good life. I wouldn't change it for anything else," Williams reflects, perched beside his beloved John Deere. Watch the full clip below.

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This October, Williams turns 101. We hope he's able to enjoy more precious time at the helm of the combine for more wheat harvests to come.