We're running to Claire's Accessories.

You still have those mini butterfly hair clips mama gave you in the 90s tucked away safely (glow-in-the-dark edition, anyone?) in the back of your socks drawer. While those aren't having a renaissance—yet—another 90s hair staple is making its return: The claw clip.

Indeed, we've recently seen scrunchies return to the spotlight. Now, it's time for these oversized claw clips to join their elastic friends in an all-out 90s bonanza. "We're barely into a month of international fashion weeks, premiering wears for next autumn/winter, but there's already a clear hair trend dominating the runways: throwback hair accessories," notes Harper's Bazaar in a February 2018 story on the trend.

For a polished look, the fun plastic claw works well in a tight, high twist, but we also love it as a topper for a more casual bun or even low ponytail. While the Harper's Bazaar author, Bridget March, pinpoints the claw's revival to an Alexander Wang runway show, we Southerners could just as easily trace it to our Fuller House—perhaps the ultimate harbinger of 90s mania—bender on Netflix.