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You may have heard of FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, a social phenomenon in which people worry that they're missing out on group fun, especially through social media, which can result in overbooking their personal agendas to keep up.

This season, however, it's all about JOMO — or the Joy of Missing Out — where instead of envying those at a certain party or on a vacation you're not attending, you find happiness in being exactly where you are, whether that's watching a Hallmark Christmas movie on your sofa or going for a long walk in a nearby park. As people look to find the bliss in living their lives according to their own volition while ignoring pressures from social media, interest in the concept of JOMO has skyrocketed. In fact, according to Google data, searches for "Joy of Missing Out" hit an all-time high globally in November 2018 and searches continue to rise. There's even an entire book dedicated to the subject, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World. In accordance with this trend of people looking to cultivate more awarness throughout their days and spend less time tethered to their devices, search interest on Google in "Meditation Music" and "Mindfulness" have increased in the U.S. 500% and 430%, respectively, since 2004.

"Research tells us that many of our users are concerned about the amount of time people spend using tech, but taking a break can leave some worried that they're missing out on messages, news, or work," explains Stacey Burr, Google's VP of Wear OS and Google Fit. "So it makes sense that people are curious about what the opposite of that worry could be, especially during the holidays, when we want to connect with family and friends without distractions, or commit to healthy routines in the new year, from fitness goals to putting our phones down at dinner. In 2019, I plan to embrace JOMO by reading more, and using my phone to chat, not distract." To that end, Google has launched a variety of new tools and updates to help people take control of their tech usage or use their devices to help combat stress, such as the Pixel 3 phone's Digital Wellbeing features and Google Fit launching guided breathing exercises.

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Looking for more ways to be present this holiday season? Consider starting a daily meditation practice — you only need to carve out a few minutes from your day — or spending more time in nature.