After a socially distanced hug, he turned around and headed back home to New Jersey.

Now here's an example of sibling love if we've ever seen one.

Joshua Yajcaji drove 530 miles to deliver a package of coveted N95 masks to his older sister, an RN who volunteered to work at a North Carolina facility exclusively for COVID-19 patients.

Knowing that his sister Alexis Schulman and her colleagues on the frontlines at Cone Health's Green Valley Campus in High Point were low on protective gear, Yajcaji encouraged Vivint Solar, the panel company where he works, to give 395 N95 masks to the hospital.

The masks were initially bought to protect the workers at Vivint Solar. But after learning that simple face coverings would suffice, the company decided to donate them to those more in need.

"My sister being in that hospital swayed my mind a bit, but for that hospital to change to a strictly COVID hospital made me make that decision," Yajcaji told CNN.

So, at 3 a.m. on Thursday, May 7, Yajcaji and Corey Vafiadis (a lifelong friend of the siblings who also works for Vivint Solar) set out from New Jersey to High Point to deliver the masks.  After a socially distanced hug, they got back in the car, turned around, and headed back home.

Yajcaji acknowledged that a simple FedEx delivery would have done the trick, but it was important to him that he made the drive himself.

"I haven't seen my sister in years," he told CNN. "To personally bring it down with something to bring us together (lets me) show personally I'll always be there for her."

As for Schulman, she told CNN that her brother's gesture didn't surprise her at all. "He always does things for people and giving the shirt off his back to make sure they're taken care of," she said. "Three hundred and fifty masks mean we can be well protected for another several weeks."