Out of the mouths of babes.
Josh Gad and Olaf
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Chances are, you and your family saw Disney’s Frozen 2 over the holidays. You may have seen it more than once. This means you are part of the reason that the sequel to the blockbuster original tale of Elsa and Anna has now made history as the highest grossing animated film of all time. Frozen 2 brought $1.325 billion and counting into the global box office and surpassed its predecessor, Frozen, as it earned $1.281 million.

The major achievement hasn’t been lost on the film’s cast. Florida native, actor Josh Gad who lends his voice to the affable snowman, Olaf, has expressed his gratitude many times on his social media platforms. But recently, he shared some insight into how Olaf’s story in this sequel was inspired by someone very close to him.

Earlier this week, Gad posted a video to Instagram of his daughter from four years ago, saying he hadn’t shared it before now because it was so deeply personal. In the video, a tearful Ava asks, “But why will we not, never be a kid anymore?”

A very calm woman, Gad explained is their former nanny, Sara, gently rubs Ava’s little hand as she talks through this very hard question. Sara clarifies that Ava is worried about growing up and she very sweetly reassures the little girl that she has so much time left to be a kid but only Peter Pan stays a kid forever. Lip quivering, Ava asks Sara if she misses being a kid. Once again, without missing a beat, Sara admits that she does sometimes miss being a kid but quickly followed that up with all of the reasons she loves being a grown up.

Gad reflects in the post that “I constantly look back at it as a reminder of the fragility of youth and our struggle to make sense of our place in this rapid world.” He then divulges that he shared this video with the Frozen 2 team and said he felt that this should be Olaf’s journey in the new story. “I’m beyond grateful they felt the same way because growing up is so very hard and all of us have this moment at some point in our lives,” he said.

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Isn’t it amazing how wise our little ones truly are? Out of the mouths of babes.